About CRT

With its constantly developing organizational structure, CRT GROUP shows that it is a reliable business associate in Turkey in service scopes based on human resources in Tourism and Hotel Management sector. Since CRT GROUP is aware that corporations are very critical at personnel selection, it provides professional labor employment to business associates it provides service. CRT GROUP also provides human resources consultancy, payrolling, seasonal and flexible labor employment services by taking legal responsibilities of the personnel it employs. For all departments of first class hotels, which have international success in tourism sector, CRT GROUP provides human resources, payrolling, personnel selection and placement, training and consultancy services. As CRT GROUP provides consultancy service to newly opened or operating five-star hotels; it also provides permanent, seasonal and flexible personnel procurement, which are not included in permanent staff of the hotels, by taking legal employee responsibilities as well as payrolling service by taking all work responsibility.

Plans not only for today but also for tomorrow

Professional attitude we adopted contributes to our advancement by allowing planning not only today, but also the future. In accordance with our honest and transparent work culture, we work hard to be a good institutional business associate. Along with providing qualified labor to corporations, we also contribute to their sustainable development. While our professional quality oriented solutions which are made up of the sum of effort, devotion and time depending on the long time experience, succeed us; we continue to refresh ourselves in accordance with changing conditions in order to provide the best service.

Employs the right personnel, in the right place and at the right time

With our staff basing respect and tolerance on, we step on to be a good institutional business associate, abide by our commitments and pull out all the stops in full capacity to get the best results. True dialogue, solution oriented approach, informing, sincerity and quality are our indispensable principles. Our notion and courage are the basic factor of our entrepreneurship. Personnel mass, who are conscious of the importance of serving people, are of capital importance for us. Training / Education, craft knowledge, make use of the time well, being reliable are the most basic factors employers regard when selecting personnel nowadays. By employing qualified personnel who are conscious of serving, CRT GROUP; enables converting the investments made by corporations to labor into benefit.

Today, in its 15th year, CRT GROUP is the leader corporation in the sector with its permanent personnel over 1200, flexible labor structure over 700, with its strong brands such as CRT HUMAN, CRT Q.C. and CRT ACADEMY and with Employment Guarantee Tourism Hotel Service Personnel Training Certificate Course implemented in co-operation with Turkish Employment Organization.